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Thank you Michael Baio and crew for visiting Blue Horizon today. Perfect weather, good company, great dog, awesome time! Appreciate y’all!
Christopher and Tyler Plunkett enjoyed Mom’s Christmas present today! Good job fellows. Hope y’all had a good time. Come back and see us!
Anthony Bennett and son Tyler were here today for Tyler’s annual birthday hunt. Good job fellows and glad to see you again!
Christopher Johnson and his nephew Hunter came to try out a little upland hunting today at Blue Horizon. Great weather, good guide and dog, and some good shooting, made for an awesome afternoon! Thanks fellows!
Great annual hunt for the pumpkin team!! Thank you David and Ian Alvey, Neil Poissant, Jon Lowdermilk, and Chad Ames! Always good to see you fellows! Thank you again for a good visit!
Nick Mungas was back with his family. Great to see y’all! Thanks fellows and good job!
Thank you Lester Hedrick for your surprise hunt for your son-in-laws! Hope they had a great time! Pretty good shootin’ for their first one! Come back and see us!
Thank you Michael Marsh for bringing first timer Heath to hunt with us! Y’all did a great job.
Spots are filling up quick for our tower shoots! I have a few more spots on January 22nd shoot. Already filling up the February and March shoots. Call and sign up so you don’t miss out!
Little family hunt this morning to start off this new year! Thanks Marvin, Chris and Almond for visiting Blue Horizon!
Got a good hunt in today before the heat and the rain! Thanks Marvin, Chris and David. Nice harvest too!
Graham Hertweck was back again after a couple weeks, and brought friends! Scott and Taylor Henegar joined in for a good hunt this morning! Thank you fellows! Maybe next time Don will join back in !
Steve Kramer was back to visit today! It was a little on the warm side, but his team did well on their workout! Thanks Steve!
Had a great time today with Michael Marsh, Will Luck and their fun crew!! They had a great harvest and then storytelling in the lodge!! Thanks for a good time fellows! Looking forward to your next visit!
Hoyt Demis and his sons came to do a holiday hunt yesterday! Great hunt, great friends! Merry Christmas!!
3rd annual get together hunt for these fellows. Thank you Matthew Delmectri, Zachary Lamb and Giacomo Eisner. NC, Texas and New York represented! They had a good harvest and got the most out of the afternoon hunt. Thanks fellows and see you next year!
Thank you Reid Wiegleb and your dad Carl for coming out this morning. Good job and great fun. And Thank you for your service Reid!
Keith Vestrat and his sons Tyler and Christopher joined us at Blue Horizon for a great morning hunt today! Good job fellows! Come back and see us!
Thank you Andrew Reibe for visiting Blue Horizon Quail Preserve with your three sons! Good weather and a successful hunt. Hope you enjoyed your time and will come again!
Jerry Gilson came in from Wisconsin to meet with his son who is stationed at Fort Bragg to have a great hunt with us. Thank you fellows! Look forward to your next visit!
Thank you Steve Kramer for another visit and bringing your new addition. A new English Cocker. She did well for first time out. I believe she’ll be a good one!
Had Steve and Mary Hutson out today! First time to visit this year. Good weather and they had a good harvest for first hunt of the year. Good to see y’all!
Kimber brought a new friend today! Thanks to Jason and Chris for bringing him along. Always good to see you!
Thank you Mrs. Chase! I think you made two fellows happy this morning.
I believe James and his son Henry will be back to visit!
Had a good visit and great hunt with Don Hertweck and his son today! Thanks fellows and looking forward to seeing you again!
Alex Thornton and Adam Whitlow visited Blue Horizon today. Good first time hunt fellows. Hope to see you soon.
Dan Foster and his son Cade had great weather for this morning hunt at Blue Horizon. Great visit afterwards! Thank you JD for your guide services!
Thanks to Doug Donahue and Cass for another great day of hunting! And the meal was pretty good too!
Thank you Ryan Scallon for bring your father-in-law today! Great hunt and great to see y’all again! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Nice cool afternoon for a mixed bag of pheasant, quail and chukar for Tim Garrett and his dad Gil. Great job fellows! Glad to have you visit Blue Horizon. Hope you enjoyed your visit!
Thank you Mike St. Louis and Chad Shaltz for visiting Blue Horizon today! Good weather and good fun!
Steve Kramer was back for a big afternoon hunt. Had a successful one! Thanks for joining us again!
Thanks to Dennis Lee and Dakota Humphrey on their visit to Blue Horizon this Veterans Day. Good morning hunt of quail. And thanks to Roger and Dot for coming out to guide.
Anderson was hot shot today! Only pardoned one chukar. Great job fellows!!!
Great to have Mike and the two Matt’s back at Blue Horizon! Look forward to our next visit! Thanks fellows!
Our friend, Steve Kramer joined us today at Blue Horizon to do a little dog work. They did very well with their mixed bag of quail, chukar and pheasant. See you soon, Steve. Thanks
Thank you Derrin Barnet, Brian Pugh and Michael Routh for coming by Blue Horizon this morning! Great hunt! Hope y’all enjoyed!
7 month old Maggie came with Erick Anderson to do a little bird work before her trip out west. Good to see them both and look forward to future visits!
A friend from last year came up from Charlotte to hunt a few quail. Good to see you Taylor. Look forward to seeing you in November.
A little bit of lime and a little fertilizer go along way to make a nice cover. Very pleased with this years crop. God has blessed Blue Horizon!
The hunting fields are coming along nicely!
Looks like Blue Horizon and Jones painting are gonna be racing at Caraway Speedway this summer! April 17th we will be there! Thanks Anthony Bennett, and good luck for the season!
Great morning hunt! Thank you Brandon for bringing your family and friends to Blue Horizon. Look forward to having you back next year. Thanks, Mark
Thank you to Nick and his girlfriend for this afternoon hunt. Nice job! Y’all did well!
These two fellows left nothing in the field! Thank you Jimmy Brown for coming back and bringing another friend! Good job today!!
Thank you fellows for a good morning hunt! Appreciate you coming to the blue for another hunt!
Thanks to these newcomers David and Wayne Bowman for joining us for a Saturday morning hunt. We appreciate you and hope you enjoyed your visit.
Thank you Michael Baio and boys for another hunt here at Blue Horizon! Great job today!  Look forward to our further friendship.
Thank you Ryan and John Rodenhauser for coming to Blue Horizon to hunt this afternoon! Good job! Hope y’all had a good time!!
Thanks Brent Grantham for bringing your dad for an afternoon hunt today! Glad we dodged the rain! Hope y’all had a great time!
Thank you Randy Lloyd and family for bringing your dad for a quail hunt! Hope to see y’all back again in the fall!!
Thanks Brett Becker and friend Ryan for spending the afternoon with us. Remi did y’all well today!
2 guys and their dad came down from Madison to hunt with us this afternoon. Thank you Gerald Haynes family. We appreciate your time with us. See ya next year!
Good group from Virginia this morning. Did well! Come back and see us!
Thank you Sam Rape and Cole Cantrell for bringing your family this afternoon to Blue Horizon! Great seeing y’all! Hope you had a good time!
Thanks Jeremy and Jordan for stopping in today to hunt. Good job on the birds. Hope you had a good time and will be back.
The “Good ole boy gang” strikes again at Blue Horizon! 29 out of 30. They are getting a little rusty! Lol Appreciate you guys!!
Awesome time with some law enforcement this morning! Thank you fellows for all you do each day! Appreciate you coming in to Blue Horizon for a hunt today. Hope to see y’all again!
Thank you Dennis Branson and crew for a great visit at Blue Horizon yesterday! Great hunt and good harvest. Come back and see us again!
Thank you Marvin, Chris and Nolan for visiting us for a Sunday morning hunt. Good seeing y’all.
Here was a good time yesterday afternoon! Thank you Brent Richardson for setting up this company hunt! Glad to have y’all and hope to see you again!
Thank you Michael Watson for another visit! Y’all had an awesome hunt! Great to see you again. Look forward to our continued friendship! Thank you for coming to Blue Horizon!!
Thank you David White and crew for coming to the Blue for a hunt this morning! Great having you here and a job well done. Look forward to your next visit!
Trent Tallent and Frank. Good job fellows. Nice afternoon for a little training. See you in a couple weeks. Thank you for hunting Blue Horizon.
Thank you George B. Joseph for bringing your boys to hunt Blue Horizon. Hope you had a good stay. See you next time!
Thank you Forrest Martin for bringing your sons out to Blue Horizon today! One away from perfect score! Well, I heard you got that one too but didn’t bring it in. Awesome! Come back and see us!
Father and son hunt this morning before the rain! Thank you Daniel Robinson. Y’all come back and see us anytime!
Anthony Bennett gave his son Tyler a great Birthday gift yesterday afternoon! Good seeing you fellows. Nice job!
Welcome back Dustin Clapp. Had a nice afternoon hunt with his wife. Good job!
These good buddies stopped in for a late afternoon hunt on Tuesday! Glad to have y’all! Welcome here anytime!!
Enjoyed it so much, they decided to squeeze an early morning pheasant shoot in before they return to Pennsylvania. Thanks again Marvin!
And the other half of the Pennsylvania crew! Good job fellows!!
Another group of fellows from Pennsylvania!! My home town of Titusville! Thank you Marvin Zook for bringing your crew down to hunt with us! 27 out of 30 quail.... not bad!
Two new comers to Blue Horizon. Mike Fitzsimmons and Ryan Lyndsey. Good to have you both! Hope to see y’all back here.
Conner and Dalton had a good morning hunt today! Good to see them out on this sunny(no rain) morning! Thanks fellows!
Thank you Michael Baio and sons! Always great having y’all visit Blue Horizon!!
Hunter, Roger and Pete in action!!
Thank you JW Cheek and Hunter for giving Roger and Pete a workout this afternoon! Good job on the birds. Come back and see us!
Thanks to James Fritz for visiting Blue Horizon on Wednesday. Nice sunny day to chase some pheasants.
Josh was back again with his father-n-law William. Had a great time, got all the birds, and a bonus leftover from the weekend tower shoot! Awesome job fellows! Thanks Josh!
Met some great folks from my hometown, Titusville, Pennsylvania! They had two days of hunting and a little R&R time away from the 7 degrees and snow!!
Thanks to Mike Watson. Brought a couple fellows to introduce to quail hunting. Pretty nice job!! Hope to see y’all again!
Thanks Anthony Mcgregor and crew for hunting some pheasants with us today! Good job fellows!!
Great time was had on this pheasant hunt this morning! And a good harvest was had! Thanks fellows!
Escaped the rain and had good hunt this morning. Thanks Allen Smith and Tyler Newton. Appreciate y’all coming out.
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