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Marvin, Ernie and Chris out this morning for the year end hunt. 46 quail and 2 chukar out of 50 quail! Good job fellows!
Had a great Sunday morning hunt! Only thing missing was Ernie! He is gonna be back Friday for a 50 quail final hunt for the year! Thank you fellows!
Thank you Dwight Riggs for setting up this hunt for brother Jason and y’all’s dad! Great morning for a hunt! And 25 of 25 chukar! Yoo-hoo!
Frank Thomas, his son and grandson, and friend, Brad Coe, came in this morning to do a quail hunt from Yadkin Valley Wildlife Federation! Good to see y’all again! Great morning for a hunt!
Had an awesome hunt this afternoon with my family! Bruce, Adam, Seth Atkins and cousin Gabe Price! Great seeing y’all! Did the Blue Horizon Special and got them all and then some!
Great hunt this morning! Thank you Chip Younts for setting this up for your family! 
Good shooting by all to get your whole Blue Horizon Special package!
Jeff Dorr and friend Gerald Longorla came out this morning to hunt some quail. Good to see y’all again! Nice job!
Great hunt today with Sam Bridges and his two sons, Eddison and Stone. Glad we were able to finally get y’all here! Great job and looking forward to your next visit!
James and Henry Chase went back today to do a Blue Horizon Special! Good job fellows! 18 quail, 5 chukar, and 3 pheasant. Good to see y’all and thanks again!
Great hunt this morning with Grant Naylor and Austin Thompson! Blue Horizon Special and they got them all! 20 quail, 5 chukar and 3 pheasant! Good job fellows!
Thank you to the Dolin Boys! Good hunt this afternoon with quail and chukar. Good to see y’all! Thanks for your visit!
Marvin, Chris and Ernie had a 48 of 50 quail hunt today! Not too bad and all that with 410’s!
Good job fellows! You too Michael and Ellie!
My friends, the Luther’s! Terrry, Dale, and Jordan. Good job fellows! Always good to have y’all!
Great morning quail hunt today! Thanks to Carlos and Luke Vilella. 25 of 30 quail! Great job!
Had Ernie and John today for some quail and chukar. Marvin  had an appointment, so they had to go without. Did right well with 29 of 30 quail and 10 of 10 chukar. Good job fellows!
William Poorboy and friend, Keith Ducote came and hunted a mixed bag this morning! Great job guys! Good to see you again!
Had a great hunt this morning with Marvin and Ernie! Quail and chukar mix. Good job fellows!
Awesome warm day hunt by these two! Great job Mark and James Burcham! 25 of 25 chukar and 5 of 5 pheasant! Thanks fellows!
Marvin and Ernie did a little chukar hunt today. Added a few quail in too!  Great hunt!
Roger brought buddy Weldon Weeks out today to hunt 20 quail. 19 out of 20  not too bad!
Good morning for a quail hunt. Good temps and good birds! Marvin, Ernie and Chris got 40 of 40 today! Thank you Michael and Ellie.
Thank you Ross Geller for setting this hunt up! We had John Fields, David Beck, and Ray Watson. All brothers! Great hunt with 27 of 30!
Great hunt this morning! Thank you Mark Swartsburg! Glad we finally got you out there! Look forward to your next visit!
Buddy Dwight Bray was back today and brought a friend Scottie Hicks. Good job fellows! 19 of 20 quail. Great job.
Great family hunt this afternoon after the rain!Thank you Kevin Jones for setting this up for dad, Gene Jones, brother Kody Jones and nephew Griffin Jones. Awesome job fellows, 28 of 30 quail!👍🏻
Ryan Reichert and friend Mike Selzer came for an afternoon hunt today. Mix bag got all but 1 chukar and 2 quail. Good job fellows!!
Good hunt this morning. Pastor Andrew Hopper and friends, Don Gannio and Jeff Ackerman. 38 out 40 quail!
Mike Fox and his friend Jimmy Davis came to hunt quail today! Christmas present from Mike’s wife, Debbie!👍🏻 Great job fellows! Nice morning for a hunt. Look forward to your next time! Thanks again Debbie!
Another cold morning, but didn’t mess with these fellows! 30 for 30 today! Good job fellows!
Always look forward to Chuck Miller and family coming for a hunt! Great time with a great family!
Simon Atkinson and son Brayden and John Allred and son Noah came out to a mixed bag hunt in the teens! 🥶🥶First time and awesome job!! Only missed one! Got all the pheasant, chukar and missed one quail. Great job fellows!
The annual Zach Ayers birthday hunt! It was a cold one but we got it in! 28 of 30 quail. Good job fellows. Look forward to the next one!
A visit from an old friend, Stephen Hutson, this morning! Did a little quail hunt in the woods as he usually does. Bagged 7 out 8! Good job Steve and glad to see you!
Nate Messenger, Gabriel Suarez,MD., Justin Douhers?, and Ritchie Barbour came out this afternoon for a few clays and a mixed bag hunt. Nice job fellows! Only 3 quail got away. Got all the chukar and pheasant! Hope y’all had a good time. Good to see you again!
Good morning for a quail hunt! Didn’t let any get by! Good job fellows!!
These guys had a great time yesterday! Thank you to Chris Yerton for bringing these guys out and having a great hunt!! Hope to see y’all again!!
Had a fun group this morning! 2 father/son groups. Thank you Mark and Brycen Gladback and Thomas and William Murray!
Great day for a tower shoot!! Had this group from Cody Doub construction for a private tower shoot. Thanks fellows! Even with the rain we had a good time! Thanks Cody!
Marvin and Chris Maner came out for a New Year’s Day hunt! Good job fellows!!
Roger and old friend Doug Donahue had a perfect day for a hunt! As always, they did well! Always good to see you Doug! Thanks for all!
The fellows ended the weekend with a chukar hunt! Good job fellows. I believe all had a great time!The boys will have some good memories! Thanks again!
My grandson Jay shot his first quail on this New Year’s Eve! Good job buddy!!
Roger Jones, (guide), brought his future son-in-law Brandon Hollar out for an afternoon quail hunt. I believe they were 20 for 20! Great job! Hope to see you again Brandon.
Glenn Garriss and Doug Stokes came out this morning for some quail and pheasant hunting! Good job fellows! Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you again.
Little Christmas Eve Chukar hunt with Willie Ducat and his 2 sons! Great to see y’all! Thanks for coming out today and Merry Christmas!!
Had an awesome time this morning! Thank you Roy, Robert and Carroll Shephard for coming out this morning! Great job on the birds! Not so on the clays!🤣🤣 Look forward to your next visit!
Thank you Brandon and Len Zavala for coming out for a Blue Horizon Special today! Y’all did a fine job! Hope to see y’all again real soon!
Thank you Logan Turner and the boys from B & B Motorsport for coming out today! Nice to meet you Brian and Brad! Y’all did well today! Come back and see us!
Marvin and Ernie were back today and brought friend John Allman for a great day of quail hunting! Thanks fellows! See ya next time!
Thanks to Mark and Tyler Andringa for coming out today! Good job fellows! Hope to see you again soon!
Had a good hunt this Monday morning ! Joshua and Rhiannon Starkey and Joel Waters and Monica Steadman came in from the Lillington area for a quail, chukar and pheasant shoot. Good job! Hope to see ya again!
Had a nice hunt this morning. Good weather for this time of year. A little mix up on birds to change up some! Had fun and did well! Thanks again fellows! Appreciate you as always!
Great day hunting with Michel Marsh! Always a good time! And what a sweet girl he has! She did very well today on her first hunt. Look forward to more times! Thank you my friend!!
First timers all the way from Maggie Valley! Thank you to brothers, Evans and Curtis Duncan. Had a great time and look forward to your next visit! Bring the family and spend the night in the lodge.
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