General Gun Safety

  1. Always have your safety "on" and the chamber open when you are around the lodge area. If you have a double barrel or over-and-under shotgun, please have them broken open.
  2. Muzzle control is better than any safety. The safety could fail, but if the muzzle is ALWAYS pointed in a safe direction, nobody will be hurt if the gun were to accidentally discharge. Always have your muzzle pointed in a safe direction (normally straight up) even if the gun is unloaded.
  3. Never load your gun unless you are standing inside the trap range or in the field after the guide has told you and your party to load up.
  4. You are required to shoot your gun before you hunt to make sure that your gun is in good working condition. A Blue Horizon Quail Preserve staff member must be present before you use the trap range.
  5. You must wear hunter's orange while in the field. Wearing both an orange cap and vest is best.
  6. To ensure an exciting and safe hunting experience only 2 hunters are allowed to shoot at one time.
  7. Alcohol consumption is absolutely not allowed at Blue Horizon Quail Preserve.
  8. North Carolina law requires hunters to have guns plugged for a maximum of 3 shells when hunting upland birds.
  9. Blue Horizon Quail Preserve requires that all hunters have the necessary NC valid hunting licenses.
  10. Good bird dogs are expensive and very hard to find. If you follow the safety rules listed on this sheet, and follow the instructions given at the safety speech (prior to your hunt) a bird dog should never be shot. However, accidents do happen and we realize that fact. If you should shoot a dog and kill it, you will be required to pay the fair market value of the dog (they start at $2000.00) and/or any subsequent veterinary bills until the dog is completely well. Please be careful when shooting around the dogs and always know where they are before you take a shot.